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Children, Pets, Seniors & Life Guards all wear the Safety Turtle

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Safety Turtle Pool Alarm
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Water alarm gives peace of mind by the pool ... at the lake ... in the boat - anywhere you go

  • Safety Turtle is a one-of-a-kind protection that sounds a piercing alarm the instant your child or pet falls into or ventures into the water.
    Simply lock the Turtle wristband around your child's wrist or attach to your pet's collar or harness. A loud alarm instantly sounds at the Base Station when the Turtle is immersed in water. The alarm continues to sound until it is reset.

  • Works in any water situation. Unlike other pool alarms, Safety Turtle works with any water fixture: pool, hot tub, pond, river/lake.

  • Sets up in minutes Lock the Turtle alarm on your child's wrist or pet's collar and set the alarm base station within 100 feet of the pool or water's edge.
    No installation in the pool is required to protect your family members at all times. There is also no need to turn the system off when the pool is in use or when it is being cleaned. This alleviates the worry of remembering to arm the system again after maintenance or use. Also works for all water hazards within its range. It will protect against immersion in an adjacent hot tub as well as the pool.

  • No false alarms. Splashing or spray from lawn sprinklers won't trigger the alarm.

  • Easy to use every day all day Children enjoy wearing the colorful Turtle on their wristband, and turtles are small enough even for small dogs. Each comes with a key for locking the braclet to prevent loss or taking it off. When you are ready to have your child actually in the water, simply use the parental key to unlock the band.
    Turtles are permanently sealed and are rugged to withstand children's and pet's romping and play, and have a.battery life of at least four years when used every day.

  • Infinitely expandable
    • Any number of Turtle Wristbands of the same color can be used with one Base Station. (extra wristband turtles are sold separately below)
    • Inserting a "Baby Turtle" plug into the Base Station sets it to recognize Turtles of that color. Neighbors can enjoy the benefits of Safety Turtle without triggering each other's alarms by using different colors of wristbands. (A matching Baby Turtle plug is included with each Turtle wristband.)

  • Fully portable. Take it to any swimming pool, the lake, on a boat, near streams or rivers (Please be aware that Safety Turtle is not suitable for use in sea water and its effectiveness in pools decreases when salt content exceeds 4000 ppm.) If you need protection where electricity is not available, purchase the optional battery pack that operates for 9 hours on a full charge. The battery can be charged from any AC or 12 V DC power source. If 12 volt battery power is conveniently accessible through a cigarette lighter plug, purchase Safety Turtle's 12 V lighter adaptor accessory rather than run Base Station from its AC adaptor and an inverter. At 75 milliamps, the direct draw of Base Station on a boat's battery is negligible.
A study conducted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to find out how child drowning incidents occur indicates that SUPERVISION CAN AND DOES FAIL. For every child who drowns, four suffer disabling brain damage. Drowning is the number one cause of death for children under five in Florida, Arizona, and California with a ranking of number two for over a dozen other states.

Water is very attractive to children. They are often overconfident when jumping in after a float or favorite toy. Pool edges are also rounded and slick, which makes them dangerous to non-swimmers who get too close. Drowning is a silent problem. There is usually no splashing or yelling, and many small children have drowned silently while their supervisors were only feet away but not actively watching them.


Pets sometimes venture too close to the edge and slip unintentionally into the water or chase items over the edge. Even the strongest swimming dogs cannot grip the rounded edges or find the steps. Blind or unsteady pets are always at risk around deep water. Even cats sometimes unintentionally slip over the edge.

Safety Turtle alarm system is available in two versions:
    Standard Safety Turtle:
  • Used for most applications
  • The Standard Base Station should be placed inside the house, within 100 feet (30 meters) of the pool or body of water.
  • Uses AC power (adapter included) and any number of Turtle Wristbands can be added to accommodate your family members.
  • Turtle wristbands fasten securely around your child's wrist or pet's collar using the key provided.
    Extended Range System. Used only if:
  • The desired alarm location is more than 100 feet (30 meters) from immersion location
  • You also require alarming in the house or you wish to integrate the Safety Turtle system with your home alarm system. See Details for use with home alarm
  • You have a salt chlorinated pool. See Details for use with saltwater pools. When using with salt chlorinated pools, the Base Station should be located poolside, several feet above the water.
  • Uses one or more AC powered integrator base stations and a wireless or wired connection to an external alarm system and any number of Turtle Wristbands
?Hi Turtle People,
I purchased the Safety Turtle system a couple of years ago and am very satisfied with your product. It has actually saved a child's life in my pool.

After receiving our system a couple of days previously we were having friends over for dinner. One of our guests brought his twin six year old sons with him. When I found out the boys couldn't swim we placed the turtle bands around their wrists. Along with our six year old son (who is an excellent swimmer), they went outside to play. Less than 30 seconds later the alarm went off! I thought it was malfunctioning, but when I looked outside there was a child floundering in the deep end our pool. We were able to get him out before he even inhaled a single drop of water! We firmly believe your product enabled us to save his life.

Now, I not only have it for children but I also have one on my little poodle. After having lost one dog to drowning, I don't let my dog out without his Turtle on his collar.

Thanks for such a great product. I give it my highest recommendation to anyone who lives anywhere near water.

Baton Rouge, LA.
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Good Housekeeping: Of eight alarms tested, Good Housekeeping (July 2001 issue) identified only three, including Safety Turtle, "that worked well". The others "took too long to sound or, worse, never went off at all."

Warning ! Safety Turtle is not a substitute for diligent child supervision or for suitable pool barriers.

Use the little turtle alarms for your own family members, and have one or two available for visitors. Also excellent for blind or unsteady adults as well as sleepwalkers, persons with special needs, or Alzheimer's patients.



For your convenience, Base Station, Wristbands and gate alarms are also sold separately. One Base Station Alarm supports any number of Turtle wristbands and gate sensors of the same color.
STB102 Safety Turtle Base Station (no color specified yet) $119.99 Click Here to Order
STB102T101G Safety Turtle Base With Green Wristband $179.95 Click Here to Order
STB102T101R Safety Turtle Base With Red Wristband $179.95 Click Here to Order
STB102T101P Safety Turtle Base With Purple Wristband $179.95 Click Here to Order
STB102T101B Safety Turtle Base With Blue Wristband $179.95 Click Here to Order
STB102T101Y Safety Turtle Base With Yellow Wristband $179.95 Click Here to Order
Add additional wristbands of the same color for additional children or pets.Includes Turtle on wristband, "baby turtle" color plug, key for wristband lock
STT101B Safety Turtle Wristband, Blue $59.99 Click Here to Order
STT101G Safety Turtle Wristband, Green $59.99 Click Here to Order
STT101P Safety Turtle Wristband, Purple $59.99 Click Here to Order
STT101R Safety Turtle Wristband, Red $59.99 Click Here to Order
STT101Y Safety Turtle Wristband, Yellow $59.99 Click Here to Order

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Safety Turtle Pool Alarm
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Lets you know instantly that your gate has been opened by an unauthorized person or child

The new Wireless Gate Alarm by Safety Turtle extends water safety security to the perimeter fencing. Remotely monitors self-latching or self-locking access to an unsupervised fenced pool, alerting if a gate is left unsecured. Base Alarm Station in the house alarms if a child manages to open the gate or if the gate fails to latch within 11 seconds of adult entry. Monitoring is essential as gates fail to self-engage or are left open by less responsible pool users or maintenance personnel.


Because it has an adult bypass switch, the Wireless Gate Alarm never has to be disarmed. Adults can walk right through it. 11 second bypass switch with LED is out of sight and reach of children, but accessible on both sides of the gate.


Easy set up. No maintenance except battery replacement. CR2032 battery lasts 30,000 entries. Low battery test.


Can be used alone with one Base Station (of matching color) or integrates seamlessly with the Safety Turtle Water Alarm System (above).


One base station handles any number of gate sensors, so more than one gate is not a problem. Has 300 ft range.


Base Station sounds at 110 dB. UL Standard.

For your convenience, Base Station, Wristbands and gate alarms are also sold separately. One Base Station Alarm supports any number of Turtle wristbands and gate sensors of the same color.
STGGA101B Wireless Gate Alarm, Blue $98.99 Click Here to Order
STGGA101R Wireless Gate Alarm, Red $98.99 Click Here to Order
STGGA101P Wireless Gate Alarm, Purple $98.99 Click Here to Order
STGGA101G Wireless Gate Alarm, Green $98.99 Click Here to Order

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